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We’ll take care of the rest if you bring your own lyrics and creativity. Our goal is to help you turn your passion into a CD, WAV, or MP3 by assisting you in shaping your sound into the finest possible version of yourself. This is accomplished through balance of equipment, technique, and skill, as well as working directly with you to realise your goals.

Mixing & Mastering

Regardless of genre, achieving precision in a mix is something we place a high priority on. We recognise that music is personal at Dusk till Dawn Recording Studio. We’ll keep you informed throughout the mixing process so that your artistic vision remains intact.

Music Production

Whether you’re searching for someone to arrange the music for a song you’ve written, someone to think outside the box with your finished song, or someone to record a backing track of your favourite song, Dusk till Dawn Recording Studio can help.

Video Recording

Recording sessions and performances should be filmed, and professional audio recordings should be synced to video. This choice is ideal for all levels of artists and musicians, since it provides further exposure and proof of talent. Sessions can be videotaped in the booth or in one of our Live Rooms.

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It was great to spent time at Dusk Till Dawn Studio. They did everything possible to accommodate us and made sure we were happy with the finished product. we’d go back there again anytime!
John Smith

I can’t believe it took me so long to get around to Dusk Till Dawn Studio. So convenient, so hassle free, and 3 rooms full of A level gear. It’s become my go-to recording studio.
Jenny Cane