Mourning Melodies

Song writer:

Elaine Lloyd

Artist Nicola Green

Song writer: Elaine Lloyd

Elaine Lloyd is a distinguished Spiritual and Bereavement Counsellor, Author, and Singer-Songwriter. Elaine specialises in using song writing as a therapeutic tool to support those navigating the pain of loss. Her compassionate counselling, combined with the healing power of music, provides a unique and comforting approach to bereavement therapy. Elaine’s heartfelt songs offer solace and a means of expression for those in mourning, fostering emotional healing and connection. Discover how her profound lyrics and soothing melodies can bring comfort and hope during life’s most challenging moments.

Honouring Your Loved One Through Song

Writing a song to honour a loved one who has passed away can be a beautiful and cathartic way to express your emotions and keep their memory alive. I can help you in this process, providing guidance and support as you create a lasting tribute.

Reflecting on Your Feelings

Before we begin writing, it’s important to take some time to reflect on your feelings and memories of your loved one. Think about what made them special to you and how their passing has affected you. This reflection will help us decide on the theme or message you want your song to convey. Whether it’s about the love you shared, the cherished memories, or the impact they had on your life, your personal experiences will guide the creation of your song.

Crafting Your Tribute


Draw Inspiration:

We’ll draw inspiration from your experiences and from other songs or poems that capture the emotions you’re feeling. Listening to music that resonates with you or reading poetry that speaks to your heart can be incredibly helpful.

Gather Raw Material:

We begin by jotting down your thoughts, memories, and emotions. Don’t worry about rhyming or structure at this stage, just let your feelings flow freely. Leave the technical aspects to me.

Creating Lyrics:

With your raw material, I’ll start crafting your lyrics. My focus will be on expressing your emotions honestly and authentically, using vivid imagery and descriptive language to paint a picture of your loved one and your relationship with them.

Structuring Your Song:

Together, we’ll decide on the structure of your song, including how many verses, choruses, and bridges you want to include. There’s no right or wrong way to write a song about someone you’ve lost. The most important thing is to let your heart guide you and to create something that feels true to your own experience and emotions.

This process not only honours your loved one but also provides a therapeutic outlet for your grief, helping you to heal and remember them in a meaningful way.