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Dusk to Dawn began in 2012. Dave Darlington has always been passionate about music and production. Being a musician himself inspired his desire to make his dream a reality, and Dusk till Dawn Studios was always destined for great things with hard work and dedication! Dusk till Dawn continues to expand, bringing with it the thrills of amazing bands and artists.

Dusk till Dawn continues to identify and work with performers, artists, and bands, not only by providing studio time, recording, and production assistance, but also by assisting them in getting gigs in Manchester and the surrounding areas, including live band nights, charity event gigs, festivals, bespoke parties, and much more. The list of what Dusk till Dawn has to offer is enormous.

From Beginners To Professionals

Singing to an audience or into a microphone takes confidence and experience, we work alongside some of the best known vocal coaches in the area who adapt each lesson to meet the needs of the individual.


I absolutely recommend this studio! It’s honestly like my second home, staff here are so lovely and welcoming. They guide you to the best of their ability to make your music thrive. It’s honestly such a great vibe every time I walk through the door! And the level of music produced is fantastic.

Sophie Jones

I can’t believe it took me so long to get around to Dusk Till Dawn Studio. So convenient, so hassle free, and 3 rooms full of A level gear. It’s become my go-to recording studio.

Jenny Cane